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Thread: Stratton Pond Trail Access Road?

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    Stratton Pond Trail Access Road?

    A few of us are heading up to Stratton Pond soon. I was looking to find out if the road into Stratton Pond Trail is plowed? The LT guide states that plowing is only done to the LT crossing which is just east by about one mile. Has anyone been in this area recently? We are planning on snow shoes, but how about snow depths?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Arlington/Westwardsboro Road aka Kelley Stand Road is plowed west from route 100 as far as the AT/LT Trailhead. The Stratton Pond TH is another mile beyond that. It's packed out by snowmobile travel, but you've got to be careful if they're around.

    Alternatively, you could turn north onto the Catamount Ski Trail which is further east than the SP TH. It'll lead you up to the SP trail, but you've got to be careful to watch for blazes. The Catamount is on an old road while the Stratton Pond is a woods trail that crosses the road.

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    IP road

    Another alternative is to go north on the IP Road from the plowed road, and then cut over on either the Catamount Trail or Long Trail/AT to Stratton Pond.

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