Date of Hike: 11/23/08

Trail Conditions: Trail was snow covered, about 4" at the trailhead. Snow depth increased to 8" at 3500 ft, 12" at treeline. Above treeline, the snow increased from knee deep, to waist deep, to chest deep

Special Equipment Required: Snowblower . The snow below treeline is not dense or deep enough to be practical for snow shoes. Lots of rocks just below the surface. Above treeline, it's too deep for snowshoes so bare boots are the way to go for now. Traction aids may be somewhat helpful.

Comments: Craig and I were anticipating a challenge from the cold temps and wind but found the biggest challenge was the snow. Below treeline, the snow was light and fluffy and easy to push through. Above treeline, it was wind blown and somewhat consolidated. Forward movement required a repeating process of breaking it up and packing it down, 12 inches at a time. We traveled about 100 yards in just over an hour. Not sure how far up the same conditions continued. We went to 4800 feet before we turned around.

Good day with some intermitent views.

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