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Thread: Dry River

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    Dry River

    Hi all,
    Doing some summer trip planning, and I'm curious if anyone went up Dry River last summer.
    Are the reroutes from the storms holding up? Is Shelter #3 still in decent shape? Any comments on the trails that go up "the back" of the mountains, like Clinton, Ike, and Isolation?

    Thanks much.

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    It's my understanding the Dry River Suspension Bridge is closed due to damage from the Halloween storm, but the trail itself is open.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iagreewithjamie View Post
    Hi all,
    Any comments on the trails that go up "the back" of the mountains, like Clinton, Ike, and Isolation?

    Thanks much.

    I didn't do last Summer (I believe it was the year before) but I have done most of the trails in the Dry River Wilderness. The Mt Clinton Trail has a lot of river crossings that were still pretty wrecked from Irene, has a lot of wet areas and eroded spots and can be very tricky to follow in the lower half mile or so near Dry River Trail. Dry River Cutoff is a very unexciting and muddy mess. The Mt Eisenhower Trail is a relatively uninteresting but easy to follow trail through some nice forestand has some nice outlooks in the scrub free of crowds just before reaching the Crawford Path. I remember these sections to be very tight and in need of brushing. The Dry River Trail itself was typical wilderness conditions, with a lot of wet areas, mud and step overs. It's all worth it for the climb through Oakes Gulf though. It is messier and muddier early in Summer but the unique vegetation and flowers in bloom make that upper bowl just before topping out before the Lakes Of The Clouds a truly unique area of the Whites. One of my favorite areas.

    I would have to assume that big Halloween storm did some major damage in this area. It was still pretty wrecked in places from Irene and is very prone to blow downs even in normal weather so I would plan on some rough areas.
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    I did every trail in there last fall. The bridge is closed now. Mt Clinton is a PITA in the lower section but fine once it starts to climb along the brook. Nothing really of note on any of the other trails. Typical White Mountain Wilderness trails. The shelter is in fine shape. All the campsites in good shape too.

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    I hiked the Mt. Eisenhower trail in late August and it was in good shape, a bit brushy in a few short sections but no issues following it. I hiked a loop of Mt. Clinton trail, Dry River Cutoff and Dry River trail in late September (after the Mt. Clinton trail had received some much needed TLC with brushing and placing small cairns at several crossings, thank you AMC for the work). It was during a dry stretch and a very enjoyable hike, for trails in a wilderness area there were no major issues following the trail. Of course this all could have changed since the October storm though and with the status of the suspension bridge as has already been mentioned. Isolation West trail, upper Dry River trail and the shelter were in good shape when I was there doing an overnight April 2016 but of course that very well could have changed in the past few years.
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