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Thread: Bretton Woods - New Gondola and summit restaurant

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    Bretton Woods - New Gondola and summit restaurant

    I expect some folks will try to make direct comparison between the proposed cog hotel a few miles away and this project as the proposed restaurant would be above the Coos County unincorporated towns development elevation. Unfortunately for the comparison, the proposed restaurant is in the town of Bethlehem in Grafton county and therefore falls under the town of Bethelhem's planning and zoning. It is interesting to note that the intent is for it to blend into the terrain which is wooded with some exposed ledges. Definitely different than the proposed Cog hotel which would be above treeline on an exposed ridgeline.

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    This project doesn't bother me at all. It's in an already developed piece of land, below treeline and the fragile alpine environment and it sounds like they want it to blend into terrain and not be an eye sore.
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    Looks like it could be pretty cool place. Hop on the lift for a beer at the bar, post hike.

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