date: 4/15/12

trails: gale river road, garfield trail, garfield ridge trail

conditions: gale river road is clear and dry. the lower couple miles of garfield trail dry as well. stretches of snow and ice begin in the lower switchbacks interspersed with sections of clear trail. snow becomes more continuous higher up with some flow ice in spots until becoming full snow coverage in the upper mile or so. snow was a mix of old monorail with new snow on top. still quite deep up on the ridge to the summit ledges with only one little spot of ice at the bottom of the steeps. water crossings were standard rock hops.

equipment: i barebooted until ice and snow became continuous then used microspikes. put on snowshoes for the upper mile or so which was nice in the deeper soft snow.

comments: nice day on garfield. warm on the summit and i was able to have a good sit on top to enjoy the views. was happy to get down in time to catch some of the after party for charlie and nancys grid finish on pierce. big congratulations to them. great day to be out.