Mud and deep puddles in lots of places, many of which froze on the way back. 1/4" powdery snow from lot all the way up to Alander. Up high past the cabin, the ice is firmly rooted in the rocks and soon there will no rocks showing for traction. Plenty of water, flow 2-3 out of five absolutely no crossing issues. Waterproof boots a must.

A few chickadees, ravens, and surprised some white tail deer at east loop south taconic junction, other than that just foot prints.

Alot of work has been done here since Irene (which put 1/2 the Bish Bash Road into the ravine). There are two new bridges to replace the ones that got washed away. New waterbars going down trail to Ashley brook (lots of work), yet past the trail to campsite, trails are frequenty covered by flowing water.

Negotiating east loop trail was beginning to get interesting--ice from melt is almost covering all the traction even though there is little snow on the ground