Started from the Log trail head at 6:30AM. On the way to Marcy Dam, 3 skiers passed me. At Avalanche camps, I passed the skiers and they passed me again on the way to the Lake Arnold trail - headed to Colden for some slide skiing. I followed their ski tracks to Lake Arnold and then continued on toward Feldspar. The trail after L. Arnold had a few inches of fresh, overnight snow and the downhill to Feldspar Brook went quickly. There was a little more snow on the way up to Lake Tear of the Clouds, but the trail was easy to follow. The tracks up Gray were mostly snowed over and I took a few dead ends before getting on the right heading. I headed over the first ridge, down and then up the first steep section. Again, I came to a dead end in thick balsam, but then recognized the icy cliff on my right. I should have been over on the right up slope, but scrambled diagonally to the top of the cliff. After the cliff it was a straight, steep climb to the summit ridge. The sun was trying to break through on the top of Gray and I could see, barely, down to the Feldspar valley below. I headed back down to LTOTC, this time taking the better route around the upper cliff. It was a quick trip over to four corners and the route up Skylight was especially easy after Gray (minimum effort for maximum views). Skylights huge open summit was fantastic and the clouds broke open for some awesome views.
There were tracks from 1, or 2 snowshoes coming down to 4 corners from Marcy and they looked to be at least a couple days old. With elevation, the track soon disappeared and I was breaking trail, although through snow never much deeper than calve high. As I came to the tree line, visibility was probably 150 yards, or so. I could easily follow the cairns up. Eventually, I could see the top, climbed up and worked my way over and around to the summit plaque. The wind seemed to be about the 15 MPH forecast, I didn't stay up there long. It was actually nice to get on the Van Ho trail and head downhill for the rest of the day. Saw only a few skiers until back near the trail head. Arrived back at my car at 3:45PM.