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Thread: Acadia loop road closed

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    Acadia loop road closed

    Just heard from a friend who biked up to the top of Cadillac Mtn today - and enjoyed the rare treat of the summit to herself due to the park road being closed. Sounds pretty fun to me!

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    We were just up there last week. People are definitely still using the hiking trails and carriage roads, too. The trailhead lots may be closed, but people are just parking along the sides of the roads (not the loop road, of course). A friend got a warning note for driving around a barrier to park, but there didn't seem to be any real effort to keep people off the trails.

    It did make it a little challenging to find accessible, appropriate walks for my in-laws, who are in their 70's (and one of whom has limited peripheral vision), but if you're reasonably fit there's a lot of hiking/biking to be done.
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