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Thread: Depression and the AT

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    Depression and the AT

    What's the AT got to do with depression? This 6 minute clip describe one young man's experience with both. Relevant anytime but perhaps especially around the holidays when many get a certain kind of blues.

    Most notable to me was the camraderie and trail magic that gave this person a reprieve from his illness. Here's hoping that all of us, on and off the trail, offer and receive some trail magic in our lives.

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    Very cool. It is an amazing thing how getting out in the woods, pushing yourself physically and mentally and taking in the wonders of nature just melts away stress and distraction, clears the mind, brings focus and lifts the spirit. I started hiking mostly for the views but quickly discovered the therapeutic aspect of it all. The longer I go without it the more I crave it. It's too bad this transformative process was only strong enough to delay the inevitable for Danny rather than becoming a turning point for a lifetime.
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    I just watched the clip, seems like he got to get away and get his mind off things. Unfortunately, depression doesn't go away just by hiking, if it's at the clinical stage. Only Meds and therapy will help in a reasonable way. Kind of like the saying, " You can run, but you cannot hide".

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