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Thread: Saying goodbye to an old friend...Terra T Traildog Oct 13 2003-November 15 2016

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    I am so very sorry... Happy Trails Terra
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptCaper View Post
    Sorry to hear... I'm entering your zone with my "Pemi".... 11 years now ...4 th Golden Retriever I've owned.. first 3 went at 10 11 9 1/2... this guy is doing good so far hiking,et but I'm on edge enjoying every moment with him.. going to be hard to replace him... my sons are very far away and hardly see them (Maui very expensive and they don't have bucks either) so Pemi is my buddy... hiking since a baby with me. I'll get another but it will be a PIA.. just can't go to Walmart and pick one up..
    No more rescues for me.. had many many of them over the years but now need the temperament,obedience,ease of care and health of a good Golden my age.
    A puppy and this Xmas
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    Aw, I have a Pemi, also. She will be six in june, it seems like yesterday she was a pup.
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