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Thread: Maui Bound

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    Maui Bound

    Greetings all and Happy Holidays!

    I am heading to Maui, HI at the end of February. Looking for any and all suggestions of the best places to hike: peaks, water falls, rain forests, beaches, etc. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Also, any preferable maps or book suggestions are also welcome. Planning mostly day hikes as this trip also requires some classroom time. Thank you in advance! Aloha

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    Seven sisters, a series of pools and waterfalls on the way to Hana. And the sliding sands trail, down into the crater. but watch out, it temps you to jog down, but at 10,000 feet it is a huff to hike back up. you can actually stay at a cabin in the crater, and hike all the way across and down the other side if you like. Back down at sea level, Ask about and visit "Little Beach" at Makena while there. You can rent a bike and ride down the mountain, watch your brakes. See the old whaling village of lahaina, touristy, but interesting. You can hike near there too, as well as near the Iao Needle. I worked at the Air Force research observatory on top of the mountain for a few years a while back.
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    Haleakala has great hiking, but no matter what ( time of year, cloudy, etc) wear heavy sunscreen. At that altitude you WILL get scorched.
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