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Thread: Anyone interested in hiking Moriah next weekend?

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    Anyone interested in hiking Moriah next weekend?

    So, looking at the five 4000 footers I have left (Cabot, Isolation, Moriah, West Bond and Owl's Head), and knowing that I am not in peak condition at this moment, I decided that Moriah is my best bet this next week. My daughter normally does these hikes with me but she said she can't make it this time so is anyone interested?

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    Did you get anyone to go with you? I might be up for hike up Moriah. I really hope some eager beavers break out the trail on Friday otherwise its going to a slog as there will be 3 to 4 feet of new snow since this past Sunday.

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    I probably can't do anything Saturday or Sunday, but could after that. I need 7 for my second round, one of which is Owl's Head, although that might be a tough one with all the snow. I'm not wedded to a list though, I just want to get out and enjoy.

    Anyone skied partway to OH then ditched the skis? Not sure how well that would work, but the idea appeals to me.

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