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Thread: Tripoli Road in wnter

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    Tripoli Road in wnter

    How far do they plow Tripoli Road in winter? Do they go as far as the Tecumseh trailhead?


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    Livermore Depot from Waterville Valley. To the gate from the west. It is a snowmobile corridor from the west to the height-of-land. East of that, WVV grooms it for XC skiing. The road is an easy walk as a result, if you want to do the backside of Tecumseh; although, that part of the trail gets minimal use in winter.
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    No they don't plow it except to access the homes on private land neat the interstate. The vast majority of folks do Tecumseh via the trail adjacent to the ski area. Just park in the skier lots, follow the skiers to the base lodge and then head right as you are facing the base lodge, the trailhead is pretty obvious.

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