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Thread: Poison Ivy Video

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    Peppermint oil. Interesting. I confess, I hadn't heard of that one, but I do love me a good experiment.

    Puma, my dad recently bought me a couple of hazmat suits for just this purpose! I've been sort of casual in my attack on the poison ivy in my yard, just working little sections here and there, with moderate but consistent exposures and rashes. When we moved in a year and a half ago, the poison ivy was literally a wall around every side of my yard except the street. Roundup has knocked it back quite a bit, but there's still a lot of work to be done, and even the dead roots and vines contain the allergenic oil. So I'm going to amass my resources in the spring and stage an all out war, and I think I'll be donning the hazmat suit for that one.

    The worst case I ever had was after I received a load of logs from a logger who had cleared a lot down the street - I paid market price for the logs. If I ever see that guy again... Probably a quarter of the logs he sold me had hairy vines up and down them, and I didn't know at the time these were poison ivy vines - they didn't have any leaves on them. When I sawed the wood, the wood chips got all over me, and the resulting poison ivy rash was pretty epic. I'm certain that $^@%@*&#*^%er knew exactly what he was giving me. The only upside was that I got the rash and made the connection to the vines before I burned the wood, thank goodness.

    TEO, is it true that corticosteroids are a thing with cyclists??? I'd heard about blood doping and anabolic steroids, but I didn't know corticosteroids were a thing too. Yet another sport I'm happy to not partake in at the elite level.
    Sure. Why not.

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    Technu is simply mineral spirits and lanolin. Mineral spirits to get the oil out and lanolin to help prevent a reaction to the drying mineral spirits for those of us who do not tolerate the mineral spirits well. Basically any degreaser or oil removal product works. If using soap or shampoo, stick with the simplest soap available; moisturizing soap or shampoo will not work as well as good old ivory soap. Trick is to get the urishol off as thoroughly as possible; I no longer get rashes as long as I know that I have been exposed because I know how to deal with it. Be extra careful with the hazmat suits....sometimes it is a struggle getting out of them and you can expose your bare skin in the process of undressing. No matter what I am wearing if I am exposed I take a hot soapy shower as soon as I am done.

    One day in February my wife went to the doc with a rash on her belly "Doc what is this rash?" Doc told her is was most likely poison ivy."By the way did you notice that the rash is in the shape of a hand print?" Turns out that the firewood I was cutting had PI vines and somehow I transferred the PI to my wife; we both learned from that experience.

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