Guinea Pond Trail
Guinea Pond Spur
Guinea Pond Trail

Guinea Pond Trail: Trail is clear, but minor flooding next to Beaver Ponds (your boots/feet will probably get damp). New temporary sign for the relocation prior to the major flooding. Water bars all cleared and running well on return. The whack around the two crossings of the Beebe is easy to follow, although no maintenance was done on it.
Guinea Pond Spur: New temporary sign to mark the start of the spur. Hobble bush has been beat back. Middle section is a little swampy, but passable using a blow down. One large duck-under remains

Special Equipment
Bug net needed for doing trail work. Bug dope might help for the mosquitoes. Pants to keep ticks of skin. Light colored clothing to improve tick-spotting ability.

Spring trail work trip. Cleared from Sandwich Notch Road to Guinea Pond. Trail is in decent shape, but a truck created some ruts that will mar the trail for a while. There were a lot of black flies and ticks to be found, so be prepared for that. We installed a couple of signs to help with navigation. The Western portion of Sandwich Notch Road was in rougher shape than then Eastern Portion. Low-clearance vehicles would likely scrape from either direction at some point. Pond was beautiful, and the trail offers some views of Sandwich Dome. Good to be back on trail!