Tripyramids & Sleepers via Sabbaday/Downes Brook 6/11/17
Up Sabbaday to ridge, out and back to N. Tripyramid, E. across the ridge to the other peaks & descending via Downes Brook. Sabbaday was in good shape trail-wise but the water crossings were ankle to shin deep wet. Tripyramid ridgeline in good shape. There were about 4-5 large blowdown fir on Kate Sleeper, E. of E. Sleeper, in the previous windthrow area caused by the hurricane several years ago. Downes Brook was messy, with about 8 good blowdowns (duck under, climb over), lots of brush starting to encroach on the trail corridor, erosion, washouts. All of the multiple brook crossings were wet and increasingly deep as we descended. We bushwhacked to cut out 2 crossings but did not find it more pleasurable than wet feet. The final (lowest) crossing had a strong pull. Trails were generally dry, little mud. Black flies were the worst I've seen in many years. Mosquitoes are also out.
Random Group of Hikers, party of 10. Photos pending:
Shoeless Paul