Caps Ridge Trail
Mt. Jefferson Loop
Edmands Col Cutoff
Israel Ridge Path
Castle Trail

Caps Ridge Trail: Still needs brushing between Link and treeline, otherwise clear and pleasant as always. Our group brushed out the entrance to the Link a bit.
Mt. Jefferson Loop: Clear and dry.
Edmands Col Cutoff: Our group (RMC led trail work hike) brushed the entire length of the trail, clearing out many sections where the original tread had been overgrown. Big improvement! Gulfside Spring was flowing lightly, so a good spot to refill.
Israel Ridge Path: Beautiful trail - soft, clear and dry. The trail is being worked on through the summer with significant stonework to harden the trail. Beware of the construction zones (between Castle and Link). Some of the ladders will be repaired or removed (if not needed). Crossings were low and easy. The Cascades were beautiful as well.
Castle Trail: Clear and dry. Crossing had some slick rocks, so be careful.

Special Equipment
Sunscreen needed. Bugs weren't too bad. Poles helpful for steeps and crossings. Pump/filter if you prefer to treat water from springs

Joined RMC for a trail work trip to brush Edmands Col Cutoff. A half mile sure seems a lot longer when you're only moving a few feet at a time. The hike was a lot of fun, and the weather held out of the most part. The RMC now accepts credit cards to join the club - I suggest anyone who enjoys hiking in the area join up. Of course, volunteering with any of the great groups who maintain trails in the White's is also encouraged.