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Thread: 15-Month Old Out to Set the AT Record

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    Quote Originally Posted by egilbe View Post
    Sobos tend to hike later in the year and when you hike barefoot, you tend to hike slower. They were hiking well into January. What you think is impossible two young women did it barefoot.
    It's true there is always a 'bubble' of finishers down here (Georgia) around Thanksgiving and another around Christmas. If you were in that last bubble and were running a bit behind you could easily finish in January. Depending on the year the Smokies might or might not prove to be a problem in December. South of the Smokies you normally wouldn't have much trouble.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SherpaTom View Post
    I found the article very interesting and if someone did this in 2000-2001, wouldn't that be over the winter and quite impossible Francis?
    I finished February 4, 2001 on Springer after a late start at end of June. Snowshoes needed in the Smokies but not south as Ed suggested. Hardly impossible, although northbound would be a tough one in that time frame!

    The barefoot sisters were ahead of me as I recall. Pretty sure I was about last. I'm not sure how they dealt with snow and cold. They may have finished early enough.

    I only saw the large family of thru hikers early on in Maine in the first few weeks. Don't recall seeing them after.
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