Route (Out-and-back)
Oliverian Brook Trail
Passaconaway Cutoff
Square Ledge Trail
Walden Trail
East Loop

Oliverian Brook Trail: In good shape with a couple of wet spots. Wilderness section is slightly wilder, but still a breeze
Passaconaway Cutoff: Also in good shape. A couple of step-overs, but nothing out of place for wilderness standards. The crossing was low and rock-hoppable. Water bar will need their fall cleaning.
Square Ledge Trail: The western side of this trail is generally in good shape, but has many areas of erosion that leave the trail fairly gravelly.
Walden Trail: Short section we were on was fine.
East Loop: Steep climb with occasional erosion issues, but generally in good shape.

Special Equipment
Poles can be helpful for the crossing. Some mosquitoes at the parking lot, but no bugs on trail. A trowel for burying the copious amounts of human waste that surround the parking lot.

We found a pair of ear buds on the trail (bright yellow) and left them at the kiosk.

This was Snack's 48 finish hike (congrats!). We grilled food and enjoyed libations in the almost empty parking lot. We only saw a handful of people on this route. Great day to be outside.