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Thread: What Winter Fleece Jackets Should I Consider?

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    This year I bought an Arc'Teryx Kianite jacket and I have to say the jacket is awesome. It is Polartec Powerstretch, articulated for movement, dense yet thin and not bulky so it layers nicely,etc. Very expensive (I had a gift card and a coupon which really helped lessen the hit to the wallet). It is the best "fleece" I've ever owned. I own an EMS Polartec fleece but it doesn't even compare. The difference is night and day. The Arc'Teryx has a density to it that is very warm and comfortable even damp. (I get cold VERY easy and don't generally wear fleece because of the weight when it gets wet). I have been regularly going out in this jacket and a windshirt in temps as low as 10 deg F and I'm comfortable (not tolerable - comfortable - which for me is quite unusual). I know based on your original post this is probably not quite what you had in mind but if you ever feel the need to upgrade I can't recommend this jacket highly enough.
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    Consider this a second or third on hitting Ragged. They usually have a sale at the start of Mud Season also, I've gotten things I wanted (do any of us here "Need" gear?) at good prices.

    I'm still using gear approaching 20 years old. (granted while working at EMS, I double and tripled up so my current rain coat sat on a shelf at home for 10 years.) Some of this is due to not wearing it. I think you will see that the long term holders of gear are warmer than usual hikers, so shells and pants end up in our packs more than on us. It's has to be a torrential summer rain storm before I wear a coat which only means I get soaked from the inside. My favorite winter piece of outerwear is a wind-bloc vest as pit-zips aren't enough venting for me. I love pit zips when just walking around town in the winter on flat ground but add a hill to that and I perspire too much for anything with sleeves. If it's really cold then I do carry a shell and long sleeve additional garments.

    If you are keeping something you like about ten years, I wouldn't stray much from what you currently have.

    I picked the vest after sweating too much in shells and after having the wind blow through a regular fleece jacket I wore on a clear calm day up Moosiluake on my first winter trip up there. Shortly after that trip just the wind in Pinkham Notch showed it was not good in the wind.
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    "If you are keeping something you like about ten years, I wouldn't stray much from what you currently have."

    I wish that were easier. If I could find the same or similar model, I would, but after 10 years, there have been a lot of changes! If I could still buy a '96 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 new I'd never need to look at another car, but they don't make them like that anymore!

    My favorite piece of hiking clothing is my merino wool full sleeve shirt. I used it to dry off one day when had no towel. Want to see how well something wicks? Try that. Wish I had $100 to drop on a shirt readily available. Gift cards and sales!
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