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Thread: Franconia Notch parking survey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stinkyfeet View Post
    Just drove through Franconia Notch. Sides of the highway are heavily posted with signs that say, in very small print, that “parking is not allowed along interstate highways.” The reader is then invited to take the survey.

    Should be interesting to see what happens this weekend.
    The theory of 'monkey see, monkey do' says that many people will still park there one the first few do, unless they park a state trooper right there. Think SLA Rattlesnakes in mud season.
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    A picture of one of the signs posted along the highway.


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    That’s not exactly a “no parking! $50 fine” sign.


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    I expect the folks from Quebec who speak French will suddenly lose any ability to read English. Unless there is active enforcement and towing I don't see it making much of a difference and instead will become a PR nightmare. Note this kicked in conveniently after at least one AMC hut is closed.

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    No problem with the Feds or State fixing the parking issue there. No problem for hikers doing what they are now doing. Just some inconvenience to come no big deal. They've done it thousands of times across the USA in our National Parks etc. They will come up with an answer and probably already have and we all will have to live with the changes. This hasn't happened overnight. They've had many years to think this out.

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    Did the Franconia Ridge Loop today. Cars were crazy parked along the roadway. Only problem was not being able to see traffic when I trid to get back on 93. That was annoying, but I did not die!

    Nice hike.

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