Blueberry Mtn Trail (to the start of the ledges)

Blueberry Mtn Trail: The trail is mostly clear. There are some wet spots, partly due to a stream re-routing closer to the trail and seeping in. We'll do some work on that in the spring. There are still 8-10 easy step-over blowdowns that have been down for a while. The ledges were very icy and would need traction on some sort. The one person we saw used stableicers on them with good success.

Special Equipment
Light traction

This was a trail work trip. We saw John and Pepper's trip report for the eastern side of the trail and it sounded in good shape, so we headed up the western side, where we ran into John and Pepper!. He had cleared many of the smaller issues, which was much appreciated! He also indicated that the ledges were clear, but icy, so we didn't feel compelled to go to the summit. We cleared 6-8 larger blowdowns (mostly super heavy birches that required multiple cuts!) and did some brushing, but the trail was generally in really good shape. We also ran into a Bobcat mom with three kittens/cubs on Lime Kiln Rd, which was spectacular. A big thanks to everyone who helps clear trails, especially after a big storm. It sounds like main routes are getting cleared pretty quickly.