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Thread: Boot and crampon selection help

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    I haven't been out to the ADKs for quite awhile but the Mountaineer in Keene Valley NY used to have a great selection and knowledgeable staff for winter boots.

    Seeing the rack price of boots is quite a shock, realistically I expect any store that actually stocks a wide variety of boots has to have a high markup to cover the inventory. There is probably quite a few folks who use the local shop to try them on and get boot fitting advice who then order them online somewhere. Given the low volume of boots sold and the multitude of molds required to make all the sizes, I am surprised that some firm hasn't gone to made to order boots using 3D printing to make custom molds.

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    Because everybody has to kvetch about plastics whenever the topic comes up, I'll throw in my data point that I'm very happy wearing them. Sure, they're heavy, and they don't "roll", but they're wicked supportive and have great traction. Never had a "shin bang" problem and I lace 'em pretty tight through the ankle. As with everything, YMMV, just don't expect that plastics have to be miserable. You may get lucky.

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    1. I bought a pair of Koflachs, took them to the gym, and spent 30 minutes on the treadmill. I returned them the next day. Too damned heavy. (I don't overnight and I don't ice climb.) Bought a nice single layer boot that served me well on my winter day hikes.

    2. Crampons don't always come with very clear instructions on how to put them on. Be sure to bring the boots to the store and have the clerk show you how.
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    If going up in unstable snowy or icy conditions my Degres are worth the weight. They do not create shinbang like the more climbing oriented Koflachs. But they will never hike like.....hiking boots.

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    It's a small price for keeping your toes and even though I complain, I wear them when conditions are pushing more extreme cold and I'll be above tree line. After wearing some very comfortable Keen winter boots for snowshoes, it can be a reluctant change. Definitely try a few brands of double boots. They do differ.
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