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Thread: Strava heat map - Acteon Ridge bootleg trail?

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    Strava heat map - Acteon Ridge bootleg trail?


    Strava Heat map shows a fairly well defined path coalescing in the woods a bit south of Old Waterville Road and going due south magnetic up to the ridgeline of Acteon Ridge, where it disperses (about 1/2 mile west of Sachem Peak.

    Any info on this? Is it a bootleg trail/herd path or just a ghost of past Strava users? Why does it show not starting on Old Waterville Trail, but a bit south? And does it go all the way to Sachem Peak?

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    I've seen Steve Smith post trip reports for in there many times. Maybe those are his tracks?
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    I've been up Sachem many times. One time from the north side. I'm not aware of any bootleg trails from north side. The area is heavily visited by mountain bikers and rock climbers and there are many unofficial trails used by mountain bikers and rock climbers. Having said that - I haven't been over every square foot and there may well be unofficial trail indicated on Strava. I do know of one unofficial trail heading up middle Acteon peak from south and another from west to Yellow Jacket Rock which is used by climber's to access Bald Knob.
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