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Thread: North Moat via Red Ridge, Moat Mtn Trail 11/24/17

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    North Moat via Red Ridge, Moat Mtn Trail 11/24/17

    Moat Mtn Trail
    Red Ridge Trail
    Moat Mtn Trail

    Moat Mtn Trail: Lower section to red ridge was clear with a couple wet spots. Middle section to Attitash Trail was clear with easy stream crossings. Upper section across ledges to summit was icy transitioning to ice and a few inches of snow. Ridge was snow and ice. No major blow downs left.
    Red Ridge Trail: Lower section was wet with some ice. Ledges were icy with little snow. Upper ledges mostly bare. Clear of debris.

    Special Equipment
    Light traction made life much more pleasant. Descending without would be dangerous. Poles helpful for crossings. Warm gear.

    The annual Black Friday Hike took us to the Moats this year. After debating a traverse vs loop, we settled on looping over North Moat. We had planned to go CCW, but ended up going CW, which turned out to be the right decision as the snow on the Moat Mtn Trail made for an easier descent than going down Red Ridge. The views are spectacular and I highly recommend this hike. Much like the Baldface loop, it's a lot of bang but a lot of buck for a non-4k'er. The parking lot only had 8-9 cars in it, and we only saw a few people, most of whom appeared to be walking around Diana's Baths. The two we saw on the trail were planning to descend Red Ridge with traction (but I confirmed they had a rope), so hopefully they had a good time. With good snow cover, the descent of North Moat would be a great sled.
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