I Bushwhacked to Peaked Hill in Thornton NH yesterday

I parked at the end of Peaked Hill Pond road just past the gate. Starting there it alternated from road then trail then road back and forth. At 1.3 miles I headed in to the woods at a heading of 280 degrees. Easily crossed a small brook then continue on that bearing with lots of ups and downs until I hit 1500 elevation. Then headed 250 degrees all the way to the col it was pretty much open woods in this middle section. No snow on the ground until 1900 but it got very icy at 2100 that's when I put on my micro spikes and headed up. Took a few minutes to determine which high point was the actual summit then had a snack and drink on the South Peak 2,280. Went over to the North summit 2,340 about 0.2 miles it was steep with a little scrambling it was fun but I am always concerned when hiking alone to minimize risk. I had my second snack and headed down drifting South off my ascent bearing so could check out the pond. This route had heavier brush than my ascent and unfortunately, I hit three patches of heavy thorns NNW of the pond (ouch). The pond was pretty but the north side was low and wet and I came across an abandon camp site with tons of plastic and hundreds of beer bottles, very disappointing. Jumped back on the road/trail and continued back to the trailhead.
It was overcast in the AM with patches of sun in the afternoon temps ranged high 40s to low 60s degrees. I saw no foot prints or signs that anyone has been up there at all. The six-mile hike took me five hours the heavy brush, thorns and water slowed me down a bit.