A damp foggy rainy mess yesterday gave way to sunny skies and awesome weather with some views.
Renee and I biked from the orange gate on Washburn road up a few miles on the snowmobile / log road and then whacked to the col between Blue and West Blue. From there it was a car wash avoidance situation, carefully meandering through the woods to reach the summit of West Blue. Low visibility, foggy and kinda cold and wet. We made it to West Blue avoiding getting soaked through mixed woods, following moose trails wherever we could.

From the col we found pretty decent woods going up Blue. Just before the summit of Blue you hit a wall of conifers, which we had no choice but to go through. They were still wet, although the weather was clearing up. We pushed through about 10 feet and we birthed from the branches onto a trail which had some large bank run gravel put on it. So weird! We then continued on the trail the next 100 yards up to the summit of Blue. We whacked back down to the log roads to our bikes and biked over to Cleveland Notch.

Cleveland Notch is beautiful. It really doesn't look like Cleveland much at all.
The grass appears to be mowed (even though it's not) and there is big clearing at the height of land of the notch with some nice views. By now the gloomy dismal weather had given way to sunny skies. We left our bags at the bottom and climbed the short 4 wheeler trail / herd path to the summit which was very easy and open. Nice view looking toward the Whitcombs on the descent.
Awesome 3 or so mile downhill bike ride back to the gate. Surprisingly the bugs were absent high up and only back at the car while changing did we inadvertently let a Biblical plague of locusts into our car. There are still so many bugs in our Subaru I had to let a couple Opossums into it overnight last night to get rid of all those bastards.