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Thread: Don't start a Forest Fire it could cost you!

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    Don't start a Forest Fire it could cost you!

    Repaying for a Helicopter rescue may cost you but not as much as starting a Forest Fire!
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    This was not just building a lil fire to make s'mores on. From the article: encountered a group of teenagers, including one who she saw "throw a smoke bomb," she said. "He lobbed it casually into the canyon," Others had seem them throwing them previously

    More can be read here:

    Maybe not arson but this was a case of teens acting callously and recklessly in dry windy conditions.

    Hopefully they have learned their lesson. If not expect them in a TSA story when they ask the agent something stupid regarding their luggage.
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    The fine was intended to generate press, and it obviously has, we are talking about it on the East Coast here now.

    While he may not be able to pay it back, this is the cost of his actions. I like the judge's actions, he is giving the kid a chance to change his ways, and at the same time, not ruining his life. I don't know if anyone was injured or killed, but if so, his punishment should have been even greater.
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