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Thread: Looking for photos of these Vermont summits

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    Looking for photos of these Vermont summits

    I am looking for photos of these Vermont summits to utilize for a website. if anyone has any shots either of these peaks or views from them that I could use, I would much appreciate it! Thanks a lot, Spence.


    Mt Ethan Allen
    Madonna Mtn
    Worcester Mtsn
    Mt Grant
    Mt Hunger
    Mt Roosevelt
    Farr Peak
    Bloodroot Mtn
    Cape Lookoff Mtn
    Signal Mtn
    Mother Myrick
    Round Mtn 3342'
    Cold Hollow Mtn
    Salt Ash Mtn
    Blue Ridge
    Worth Mtn
    Mt Aeolus
    Monastery Mtn
    Mt Adams
    Philadelphia Peak
    Burnt Rock Mtn
    Butterfield Mtn
    Kirby Peak
    Mt Mayo
    Corporation Mtn
    Woodlawn Mtn
    Grass Mtn
    Houghton Mtn
    Rice Mtn
    Mt Tabor
    Braintree Mtn
    Hoosac Range 3010

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    You can take Worcester, Cold Hollow and Grass from my website: New England Fifty Finest.

    The are all wooded and it would be hard to call them peaks, more like high points.

    Oops, forgot Butterfield and Signal. county HPs: Butterfield and Signal

    Credit them to "Papa Bear"

    This is my last edit, I swear: The links above lead to reports which include other mountains on the same trip and the Fifty Finest page (above) has links to all 51 including (I think) 15 in Vermont. At the bottom of any of the reports there is generally a link to an album which includes everything I took a picture of, including lots of other nearby peaks. Enjoy.
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