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Thread: Leki Trekking Poles

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    Another Leki fan.

    Apologies for the thread drift, but Torn and Frayed is a great tune (assuming that's where you got your user name from).

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJsName View Post
    I use my car key as a Phillips Head on trail to adjust the tightness of mine. I had to tighten one today actually.
    I do some gear testing for MSR and the new Dynalocks have the adjustment mechanism built right into the flick lock. It's so nice not to have to carry my Leatherman anymore!

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    I got the Khumba's from Germany yesterday.. Happy with the 18mm 16mm 14mm sections vs the 16mm 14mm 12mm on the Corklites.

    The rep at Leki told me I wasn't the only one complaining about the thinner poles they had now and the Trigger S system they would install so they are bringing in the Europe style to USA in January 2019 called Khumba DS...

    With these Khumba's I like the handles more then the Super Makalu I had when the wheel would dig into my hands..and the handles were on the smaller side .. these have the larger smooth head on them similar to styles now made by Leki. And easier to adjust straps. One thing I don't like or I'm Leary of is the quick release's.. I know they'll be catching in rock crevices,etc. .. if I can get new parts then fine..

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    Great price, adjustable without tools.

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