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Thread: New WMNF Policy For Trail Adopters

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    Quote Originally Posted by NHClimber View Post
    Sounds like volunteering really means volunteering. Govt needs every dime they can get.
    Amen and some folks probably abuse the system .. wrecking it for others.. me.. I don't care about a few bucks to worry about hours.. I'm in agreement with if you volunteer for free your held higher among peers then if you look for a reward like a few dollar pass.

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    This was my extrinsic reward. All the intrinsic I wear inside

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty View Post
    Actually, I would presume that to mean you can't carry over from fiscal year to fiscal year, so if you do 8 hours of maintenance of 10/1, then again in, say, April, in April you'd qualify for the pass.
    My quote stems from the fact that trail maintenance in April is rare, especially on northern trails. If I did maintenance on Ammo Ravine in April, it was not often and on snow. Blowdown removal only. That's my perspective of course, but my thought was to not plan to get in a maintenance trip before an April deadline.
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