Started out on Saturday at 6:00 AM heading for the new Berry Pickers Trail up the East side of Saddleback with access from Reeds Mill Road in Madrid (ME). The access description is as follows "To reach the trailhead, turn off ME-4 in the center of Madrid village and cross the Sandy River over the one-lane bridge onto the paved Reeds Mill Road. At 3.0 miles, immediately after crossing a bridge over Conant Stream in front of a white house (on the right), turn left onto a good gravel road. Follow this private road which was a very good gravel road but has deteriorated some, for 3.1 miles. Do not take a right on an older, but still high-quality gravel road at this point. This gravel “cross road” has two connections, creating a pie-shaped island in the middle, and is signed for snowmobile use. Follow the road, which bears left at this point and, shortly after crossing a stream (watch out for holes in the bridge), you will arrive at an ATV gate where you can park"

Never got there because someone had parked a truck and flatbed trailer blocking the "good gravel" road. At that point I headed for Saddleback ski area and hiked up the well worn hikers trail from the lodge. Having last skied Saddleback around 1986 it was pretty interesting seeing how it had changed albeit not being in operation any more. It's a pretty nice facility and it's a shame it is now out of business. The hike up was pretty unrelenting and took me about an our to top out on the AT. The day was clear and a nice brisk breeze was blowing. I wandered over to the downlook to the Horn access and where the new Berry pickers trail intersects the AT. Sat and ate lunch. To return to my truck parked at the base lodge I decided to follow the AT down to where it intersects the Flyrod Crosby trail. I then turned right and followed the Crosby trail around the mountain back to the ski area. I have no idea how many miles I covered, but it was a glorious hike on a great day for a 78 year old after hiking up to Avery Peak last Sunday.