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Thread: Huey Lewis and the Muise. + I want to punch beavers in the face

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    Huey Lewis and the Muise. + I want to punch beavers in the face

    Beavers, aka "the a****les of the forest" are like the animal version of the game of golf. A golfball is tiny, yet the game requires acres and acres of land to sustain the sport. Same with a dumb douchy beaver. They're like a foot long, but they flood the wilderness, requiring a golf course size pond all for themselves; selfish little bastards.
    Noah shouldn't have let them on the Ark, for they are God's great mistake.
    They have such punchable faces too.

    My wife Renee and I somehow managed to drive all the way to snowmobile trail 7 in the Victoria Bunnell forest. The gate was open, so I drove as close as I could off the Brown Road to get near Gore. I was driving through grass that was 5 feet tall in places.
    I tore the plastic plate off the bottom of my Subaru.
    I wonder how that happened. Hahaha
    The road was so bad. Someone needs to get up there and mow that mess. I couldn't see where I was driving at all. I could have driven into a sinkhole on the way to Gore because all I could see in front of me was a hayfarmers dream.
    All I know is that I pissed off a lot of butterflies and was hoping to run over a beaver or 2; but, alas, I hit not a one.

    Renee and I parked at snowmobile trail 7 and then began the hike to Gore. Immediately we encountered a beaver pond which I think has grown in size and scope since a trip report I read from a while back. We got totally wrecked with mud and falling into the wet muck. My boots were soaked. The beaver took over what feels like the whole basin and it is now a de-facto wetland everywhere. We took the wrong log cut and had to cross over yet another wetland area of beaver devastation to get to the correct log cut which ascends Gore.

    Can someone tell me what all these cuts are up on Gore?? They reach way high up and there's nothing but thick spruces everywhere. Doesn't seem like good logging woods whatsoever, unless they logged it all off years ago and spruce grew back instead of hardwoods.
    All the cuts just didn't make sense from a logging perspective and the Gore woods are incredibly thick, in stark contrast to other extreme-northern-NH woods.

    We meandered up to around 3200' on the increasingly narrowing and worsening grassy log cut until it petered out. From there it was a seriously hellish whack for .2 to the summit cone. Near the summit, the woods thinned out and we reached the canister at the summit where many names I recognize had signed in.
    We went back through the .2 whack-of-doom to the log cut and back through Arnold Palmer's Beaver Championship Golf Course to the Subaru where we once again pissed off a ton of butterflies driving through 5 foot grass to get back to Brown Road.
    Perfect weather though, sunny and cool. See photo below of logging cut route on the descent of Gore.

    Renee and I also climbed Muise. Found a nice overgrown log road which headed up the brook directly toward the peak. From there it was a pretty easy whack to the summit of Muise although the final stretch to the summit had pretty thick matchstick forest.

    My wife loves animals. She's always wuzzling up to every living creature and wanting to bring them home. She brings home: cats, mice, bunnies, three-toed gypsy sloths, radioactive lizards, everything to infiltrate our house as the serial animal adopter she is.
    So it was funny because even she was so angry at the beaver wetland muck everywhere she was like: "I want to curb stomp that mofo!"
    I had to call PETA to restrain her.

    In other news we saw 2 moose and 2 black bear Sunday. Good animal sighting day!!

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