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Thread: Help Finding New Boots

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nessmuk View Post
    If you are any where near central NH, then you might want to pay a visit to Limmer Boots.
    They are long known for making boots customized to any feet, but they have in recent years made standard sizes off the shelf as well.
    I have had 2 pairs of standard size Limmers (the lightweight model) and they are the best fitting most comfortable sturdy boots I have ever owned. Completely waterproof and easy to care for.
    Dave, I'm sure you're aware of Limmers, but have talked with them about resoling your boots? 603.356.5378

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    I haven't tried them but New Balance 908s are a possibility. They have 3/4 rock plate. They have 14s listed in 3 widths

    I recently posted NB summit K.O.M.s they are a heavy duty low cut trail runner with a rock plate. I backpacked for 3 days at BSP last week and the rock plate worked well on the long rocky backpack from the Northwest plateau over to Hunt trail and down Hunt. They don't offer the 4E width but do have standard and wide 14

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