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Thread: Catamount Mountain, Adirondacks, 7/05/18

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    Catamount Mountain, Adirondacks, 7/05/18

    Catamount Mountain ( ) is not a very high peak, but it stands alone hence offering great views. The whole hike can fit into one afternoon - we started around 3 pm and reached the summit in about 2 hours hiking at a relatively slow pace and enjoying the views. Last 500 of feet elevation involves some rock scrambles (starting at "the chimney"), so I would not recommend it for people who don't like steeper sections or for small kids.

    Crowds appeared non-existent as we did not see a single car in the parking lot and I counted less than 10 people sign trail register for the whole month of June.

    Perhaps the most most unique part of the hike occured on the way down when we spotted a garter snake catching a toad and consumig it alive. We spent more than half hour watching this and the snake was far from being done! I recorded some of it on my cell phone:

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    Come earlier in the day and you'll find quite a few cars in the lot. Very popular with Canadians.
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