I had a free day and made my annual drive over to Rumford White Cap. The standard route up the mountain has been relocated just after the Black Cap trail intersection. They have rerouted the trail into the woods and then over to the west of the prior location. This bypasses the eroded trench that the old route climbed up to the ledges. It is recently cut and tends to meander about.

This years blueberry crop is better than the last few years. I managed to fill every container I had in fairly quick order. Not a record year but still pretty darn good in spots. Many plants were at the peak of ripeness and when I reached to pick the berries a fair share fell off down into the rocks. Another week and they will definitely be past peak in some spots. Lots of very tart alpine berries this year and while roaming I ran into a small patch of alpine cranberries.

Still the best wild blueberries I have ever found in Western Maine.