I've been having a problem getting any maps to display on my new Montana 610 GPS. Everything appears to be fine. Download the maps to correct directory on PC > they show up in Base Camp and display > Use the Install Maps menu > Maps display as expected > Follow Prompts > Install To GPS successful > Show on GPS in menu to choose map > Enable the map > No detail on screen except wide zoom out showing major highways. All of the help threads I've read go over the instructions I outlined and that whole process has matched exactly for me. Just no map detail, even with detail level at "Most".

Am I missing something stupid or obvious? The menu structure is quite a bit different than my older GPS so not sure if there was a default setting I needed to change or something. Been banging my head against the wall for awhile now trying to figure out why it is not working. Everything I am doing is matching exactly with the step by step instructions online. Map should be there. Tried several maps from different sources and even made my own KMZ file. Nada.