View Full Version : Recent Blowdowns

11-11-2005, 09:10 AM
With patchy nature of all the blowdowns of late, has anyone noticed any pattern? When I did Randolph and Crescent two weeks ago, there were just about none during the ascent up the Pasture Path and Four Soldiers Trail, but there were some on the descent on the Mount Crescent Trail. The next day, I found that there were tons of them in the opening mile on the Cherry Mountain Trail (which was as far as I got) when heading up from 115. I wonder if it has to do with the direction of exposure or the type of tree, or if it's simply an example of how some spots in a local area receive more snow than others.

11-11-2005, 09:13 AM
the only pattern I noticed 10-29 on Ammonoosuc was that they all appeared to be in, on, over and ACROSS the trail. :eek:

11-11-2005, 02:47 PM
As far as the Whites are concerned, it appears the Eastern Whites got hit the worst, particularly those trails on the South/Southwest sides of the summits and ridges.

Standard Disclaimer: The above statement is what I have observed, but I'm sure it doesn't apply to every trail. Your milage may vary, no returns without receipt. :)