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12-13-2005, 12:14 PM
Going back to the well.

Okay, need another new recommendation. Here are the parameters:
Where: Adirondacks, Newcomb / High Peaks
What: Schlep in, via snowshoe & sled, to base-camp, xc ski all next day (beginner/intermediate terrain), camp, schlep out.
How long: three days
How many: two
Prefer lean-to for base-camp (with tent added), but would tent anywhere.
Will ski valleys, snowshoe elevation.
Upper limit: No crampons, no ice ax. Will use ski & snowshoe only.

So what are your favorite winter three-day outings?

Thanking you in advance,


12-13-2005, 01:30 PM
One suggestion would be to ski into the Great Camp Santanoni via the tote road, and then over to some of the Lentos around the lake provided the lake is frozen. Plenty of places to explore back there. Even some slide skiing, or ice fishing if your so inclined! :eek:

One nice thing is that fires are allowed at the lentos I believe.
If your intentions are to use your tent "in" the lento, it is NOT allowed and frowned upon.

From the lentos you can access the Cold River Valley to the Seward range, the N-P trail, and beyond, with plenty of shelters along the way. :D
Don't expect there to be a big block party back there, you'll be lucky to see a soul past the camp in winter. It aint NH.

12-13-2005, 02:20 PM
Oh man if you want to ditch the sled and ski the entire time here is a trip for you... i know reading your specs on what you want for the trip but consider this...

trailhead: upper works
finish/lenght:flowed lands/ ~5mi
# of lean-tos: 5
elevation gain: ~1000'
water source: yes, open creeks and water pipe
views: yes, McIntyre range---> Lake Colden, Ava. Pass
technicality: itermediate/low expert, very low(depends on condition)
day trip: ski into Marcy dam via the lakes through Ava. Pass
to add, if your daring you can ski towards the Loj then take the trail to wright peak thentake the whales tail back to marcy dam!!

this trip is crazy fun.. my buddies head into flowed lands every year because it's just a great time. this last year we did the trip i just explained as a day trip, it's very doable and fun... you MIGHT have a neighbor at flowed lands but don't count on it.... we were there for four days with none around

like i said this trip is great for skiing the entire time. it would be tough hualing a sled up and down the clamity brook trail... we have never needed one and we pack on a TON of stuff... the trail has a bunch of up and down going in and out!!! that's what makes this trail sooo much fun

the technicality of the trail isn't too bad if you have a good groove on the ski's , well balanced and have skied varying terrain before... too be honest with you, this was my very FIRST trip on x-c skis!!!! i had a tough time but i progressed and learned the ropes....

what month do you plan on going???? the more snow the better!!!

12-14-2005, 09:06 AM
Hey, thanks. These are great ideas. I'm particularly intrigued by the Flowed Lands concept, especially given your enthusiasm!

No, no tents in the lean-to, but the rain-fly makes a good wind screen, buys another ten degrees of cold. At the same time, I realize how valuable basic tips -- including etiquette -- can be in a public forum like this. Nothing more embarassing for a newbie on the putting green than walking across another's lie.

We did the Santanoni Preserve last year as a day-ski thing; it was unbelievable, crossing Newcomb lake and seeing the high peaks get blown around. Plus, the Great Camp is a cool artifact. Not too many of those in the Whites.

Let me know if there are any more, and ADackR, maybe I'll pm you for more details.



12-14-2005, 05:39 PM
Great advice so far. Flowed Lands is a great winter ski trip with spectacular scenery and some major climbs available if you bring snowshoes. Some caution advised skiing with a full pack or pulk on the few steep sections coming down (one with a turn at the base) and 1 or 2 bridges to cross. From the same trailhead you can also ski northerly towards Indian Pass (2 leantos) and also NW to Duck hole with leantos available (skiing across Henderson Lake and others now OK).

Another attractive winter option with multiple leantos is Pharaoh Lake (NE of Brant Lake East of I87 exit 25). This is perhaps a 3.5 miles easy ski in on an old jeep road with really no steep sections. Plenty of skiing terrain once in there (the lake anyway), and the potential to tackle Pharaoh Mtn from the S side with snowshoes. This area doesn't get as much snow as the high peaks but a post on this site will likely get you current conditions.

12-15-2005, 11:59 AM
This sounds like a great place for a winter trip (away from the crowds of the High Peaks). Where is the start of the "tote" road into the preserve?

12-15-2005, 02:13 PM
Hit Route 28N in Newcomb. The access road is on the north side of 28N just west of the Hudson River Gorge. There's a parking lot and sign-in station at one of the camp's out-buildings, and then the tote road will likely have ski tracks all the way down its +/- five mile length to the main buildings at the water's edge. There are farm buildings along the way, and the whole thing is beautiful.

Last year, we were utterly alone until we had lunch going on my trusty Optimus at the main building, when about 25 other skiers showed up like clowns out of a VW. The buildings were closed, but the place was still fabulous, and the views up into the Santanoni mountains are tremendous, very powerful. The trail around the lake is a fun up & down affair that we easily managed, despite one of us having touring skis with no edges. Our total mileage for the day was around 13 miles, cutting the lake in two and skiing the down-&-back on the tote road.

If I say any more, traffic on the site will increase. Really nice.

12-15-2005, 09:20 PM
I also would highly recommend Flowed Lands if there is plenty of snow to cover the rocks and mud. Have done the Camp Santononi trip too, it's real nice. Another area that might work is the Seward Range. You could stay at Ward Brook leanto(or Blueberry) and ski the truck trail from there towards Duck Hole. It is very remote and fires are allowed there in the fire pits in front of the leanto's. It might be hard to do any peakbagging if the trails aren't broke out but the road in and the truck trail are pretty good xc skiing. For just skiing I really like the Lake Road at the Ausable Club but there is no camping right close by. Another nice trip might be the Southside trail from the Garden. You can ski most of the way to John's Brook Lodge without much trouble and there are a few leanto's in the area and many very nice peaks. The ski trip back out on the southside trail is real sweet with only a few walking sections. I could go on and on... :) .