View Full Version : top roping near Bingam-Moosehead

02-08-2006, 09:51 AM
Hi all, Not sure if this forum is the place but....Maine is fairly foreign ground to me so I need some assistance from you trusted folks. We are a group of awsome boy scouts and leaders (12:4) who are heading to Maine in August. We are going to whitewater raft around Bingham then plan to travel up to Moosehead lake to hike and play. I came across some info about a spot near Bingham and another on Mt. Kineo in the lake (can't locate now). Any info would be so greatly appreciated!
We will have eqiupment and have the training to use it all, I just don't know the region at all, other than from what I find on the net. I am totally ignorant to the area. Any direction is welcome! Thanks