View Full Version : Campging Moosehead

02-12-2006, 12:09 PM
I know there are tons of campgrounds on and around Moosehead Lake. What I am looking for is first hand info on what you guys are pleased with. All campgrounds are not created equal :o There will be a group of us, 14-20? ages 12 and up, on the water would be great. Wooded, no RV's in immediate site. Hike in is okay. Thanks for the support you all lend :)

Also, anyone know of the access to MT Kineo for rock climbing? Can we drive close enough for a short hike in, or is there access for a fairly short canoe/kayak. 2-3 miles?

02-12-2006, 03:35 PM
Don't know of a campground with no RVs around there. Did stay at a free MFS site near the base of Big Squaw/Moose which was great for the price :-)

Took a boat shuttle over to Mt Kineo, it was about $5 apiece which included rides both ways. They dropped us off at the foot of the cliffs and picked us up at the warden's landing so we could hike both trails. The shortest water distance is only about a mile so I suppose you could even swim it :-) Moosehead can get some big waves so there are plenty of days you could climb but might not want to canoe.

At one time the gate was at the neck so walking in was reasonable, don't know what it's like now.

02-12-2006, 04:17 PM
Not a recommendation, but a warning: Steer clear of Old Mill Campground in Rockwood. Great location right on the water with a view of Kineo, but the entrance sign "Transients Welcome" was both misleading and a first clue. We did not feel welcome, we were eyed as suspicious hobos by the resident seasonal RV'ers. It was downright creepy. Worst CG reception ever.

As for getting to Kineo, at the time, we were told there were on-going issues with the paper company access road, so we took the little open ferry from Rockwood. It runs on a regular schedule in the summer. They allow dogs, too.