View Full Version : trail running pack ?

07-04-2006, 02:01 PM
Looking for new pack.Will use in good weather for fast hike / full out running.
Needs to be more than hydration pack or fanny pack as I will use on long runs in remote areas where I need more than water.
I have a mountainsmith ghost pack that was first generation ( before waterproof zips ) that is 5 years old and loved to near death ( has seen extreem use)
I bought an osprey stratos pack this spring that has the open mesh back,seemed great in store and on some 2 hr 10 mile runs but when put to real test in ADK,s on some 12 hr 25 mile runs I found out that there is no padding on hip belt and where the pack hits on lower back.It ate up my lower back,rubbing off a mole that had never bothered me with any other pack.That was it, it is now relegated to sunday afternoon picnic use or sell on ebay.
So whats out there? 2 lbs,good hip belt,can cinch down tight and does'nt bounce around when running down hill at full speed leaping over rocks.

07-04-2006, 05:13 PM
GoLite Team/Race, Ultimate Direction SpeeDemon or Zoom, Salomon Raid

I have an Ultimate Direction WarpSpeed and like it, but it's a bit bigger than it sounds like you're looking for (and they've discontinued it - you'd have to pick it up on clearance). That said, it's a really cool pack with some nice features for its fairly minimal weight. It came with a great 4-quart hydration bladder. I use it for fast summer hikes or fast winter snowshoes where I'm not snow camping overnight.