View Full Version : Flume/Liberty/Lincoln/Lafayette; 1/02/04

01-02-2004, 08:00 PM
7:05 am
We start at the AT crossing of I-93. Cruddy Toes joins us for the first part of the hike. Thom gives his toe blister a day off.

10:04 am
Flume summit. Flume Slide Trail is steep and icy--we wear crampons.

10:52 am
Liberty summit. We are surprised to meet Hal for the third time of this adventure! We bid goodbye to Cruddy Toes at Liberty Springs Trail.

1:09 pm
Lincoln summit. Visibility is limited though not terrible above treeline. We can barely make out Lincoln Slide, which we plan to descend in order to climb Owls Head on our way out. It is cold and blustery. The going is slow due to mixed ice, hidden ice, and rock. We just pick our way through...

2:03 pm
Lafayette summit finally! Due to the lateness of the hour and impending darkness, we decide to descend Old Bridle Path and leave Owls Head for another day. Only problem is we don't have a car spotted...

4:20 pm
We reach Lafayette parking lot. As we pick up the pay phone to call for a ride, our trail angel for the day, Scott P., who has just returned from a hike up to Kinsman Pond, offers us a ride all the way back to our car at the Wilderness Trailhead!!

5:15 pm
We are happily stuffing our faces at Chieng Gardens in Lincoln.

36 down, 12 to go...

Frodo and Stinkyfeet

01-02-2004, 08:07 PM
I excitedly look forward to a trip report each night. You two are amazing!!

poison ivy
01-02-2004, 08:16 PM
I agree with Carole... I become more and more amazed at you two with every trip report!

- Ivy