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Keith Z
01-03-2004, 05:54 PM
Any one know if flowed lands, at least the part from where the Upper Works trail hits it to Marshall Brook, is frozen enough to snowshoe on? We plan on Marshall tommorrow.



01-03-2004, 09:25 PM
We approached from Lake Colden, which was frozen, but made eire noises as we crossed. It was sketchy crossing the waterways past the dam on our way to Flowed Lands since we didn't take the trail to the Herbert Brk herd path, but wandered up the other side of the dam to meet the point where Herbert Brook empties into Flowed Lands. Herbert Brook was NOT frozen but easily crossed on ice/snow bridges.
We followed the broken trail up Marshall and followed PinPin's route up the summer herdpath, instead of the tracks that headed "up" too early (see PinPinJr's trip report ) and bypassed the beaver meadow. BE sure to follow the tracks all the way to the beaver meadow before veering left and climbing more steeply again. (This comment will only help if you have been on the path without snow.) On the descent we followed someone else's path down the right side of the brook (as we descended) as an alternative to the path we took up on the usual path which mostly follows the right side of the brook (as one ascends).
Note: The track was made after the small accumulation of snow that fell on Jan 2nd and both fresh tracks go to the summit.

Have a great trip and hopefully this info wasn't too late!:confused: