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02-22-2004, 11:09 PM
Here is the trip report for Lowe's Path, Gray Knob, Mt. Adams - 2/21 - 2/22

Lowe's Path is packed the entire way up!

Gray Knob stayed at 41 - 42 F most of the night and down to only 38 by morning. Adam Hale the caretaker was very friendly and seemed to be an all around good guy. There where 4 other hikers other than myself (solo). All nice people as most hikers are (thanks for the free burbon!). Ned I hope the crampon works better now!

Next morning after slaking for a little while started up to the summits. Visibility was barley rocky carin to rocky carin (maybe 80 feet at most, Got semi lost 2 or 3 times). After scrambling up Adams 4, went over and scrambled up Sam Adams (wish I had a beer), then down to Thunder Storm Junction. I started toward Adams and decided against it. The visibility was way down and very high winds with snow pellets hitting my eyes (dam goggles kept fogging up). Going back to Thunder Storm, then to Adams 4 was not easy do to no visibility the going was slow. After going over and down Adams 4 the wind picked up and it became very difficult to see and hike.
Round Trip from Gray Knob to base of Adams (after going up Adams 4 and Sam Adams) was 3:45. Not only I am slow with those conditions I'm lucky that I am not still up there. Thats a long time above tree line!

Rested at Gray Knob with some lunch and good bye to Adam the caretaker. Time for the butt-slide as far as the trail slopes will allow! Made it down in 1:20 compared to 5 hours going up! I'm out of shape, but I can still slide fast!


Required crampons, ice axe, and non-fogging goggles.
Visibilty range 100 feet - later in day dropped to 20 - 30 feet.
Fun/cool/adventure factor 100%

Click Here for Gray Knob Trip Pictures (http://community.webshots.com/user/brentd22)