View Full Version : Algonquin from the HPIC Feb. 14th

02-29-2004, 12:58 AM
I was part of the Winter Mountaineering School weekend group of nine that climbed Algonquin that day. Early forecast had called for a high somewhere near zero (either 6 or plus 6) so there was some relief when the high was revised upwards.

Still it was still below zero when we started out at 9.15 ( the local low that night was to be 29.xxF) on the well packed heart lake Algonquin trail. We had little difficulty traversing the waterfall and a fortuitous decision was made to keep the snowshoes on for the ascent.

The first turn above tree line was fiercely windy requiring full-face protection. We passed the only group in front of us at that point bogged down and post holing with their crampons. The packed path up the mountain was very narrow. It was less windy on top, still 25-30 mph but the visibility could hardly have been better. The temperature was measured at 18F.
We got back to the cars after 3 p.m where it was 2F.

A fun climb with fantastic visibility.

Required equipment:
Full-face gear