View Full Version : Gore & Whiteface Season Pass?

03-10-2004, 01:56 PM
Anyone who did not have a ski pass to Gore & Whiteface for the '03, '04 ski season, and would be interested in one for the '04, '05 season at a twenty percent reduction in pricing, e mail me. Based on the '03, '04 prices of $700 for a full pass and $575 for a non-holiday pass, they would be $560 and $460 respectively. The '04, '05 prices should be out in two to three weeks and I don't imagine they'll change much if at all. I'd like to get my pass as soon as the new pricing is announced because it will be good for the remainder of this season as well as next season, and two mountains for the price of one. You can't beat that! The earliest date they'll close this year is April 18, so let me know, and I'll be in touch :D Ken G