View Full Version : BC ski/snowboard this weekend?

03-10-2004, 11:26 PM
I realize this may be a bit tricky given the current snow conditions but I'm looking for recommendations on mountains where a buddy and I could skin/snowshoe up and ski/snowboard down on something other than a narrow hiking trail. We also would want to camp in the same area. It sounds like anything in the Catskills is out given what I've been reading about snow conditions on the trail reports. What about something in the Adirondacks or WV? I'm reading that WV has recently received some good snow and was thinking about something in Monongahela. I'm in SE PA so I'm trying to stay within a 6 hour drive for this weekend. I can make Keene in about 6. Not looking for anything steep or necessarily long as we would be willing to climb and ski down a few times - just something more open than say the Slide Mtn trails I did a few weeks ago.
Thanks in advance for any ideas!

03-11-2004, 11:29 AM
as you say, a bit risky...i was in the adks feb 27,28 on a split snowboard and conditions were good, especially angel slides. however, the trails in were getting pretty thin by the end of day sunday and may do some damage to your skins now.

angel is a hike/skin up thru a drainage basin then a well established bootpack. the snow quality is certainly questionable at all times and if you don't have much b/c knowledge i would not do it...stick to wright peak or marcy. the skin in from adk loj is about 2.5 mi. and you can do yo yo laps on angel til you drop. marcy damn lean-tos are easily accesible and make a nice base camp.

best thing i can offer is this website but i don't think it has been updated since feb 27 (go to ski journal). good luck.