View Full Version : Mt Greylock winter climb 3/13/04

03-15-2004, 07:52 AM
My Friend Pete and I hit the road Saturday for a nearly 3 hour drive to Mt. Greylock. Joining us were Chad, Jessie and Angel.
After a late lunch at the Miss Adams Diner we geared up and headed out. Starting out from the end of Thiel Rd. we intended climb the thunderbolt trail but missed the sign and instead made a foo pah juant down to historic Thiel Farm. We backtracked and found the correct trail. The first half of the trail was moderate with mainly packed snow. The second half was an unbelievably steep headwall trail. It was about 30-50 feet wide, a gaint swath cut up the mountain like a ski trail. The snow was 18-24" deep. In fact I would have loved to ski down it. We made to the top of the steep headwall to a named lookout ( I think it was Harden's lookout). We had missed sunset, the winds were whipping and chad, ( 12 y.o. AmStaff ) was quite miserable so we cut our losses and headed back down. We could see the top and it looked to be about 15 more minutes away. We made good time descending. Happy to see people in the woods enjoying rugged winter camping. We took an alternate trail near the bottom and explored the abandoned Ski area. All in All a fun trip, not to sore about not summiting as I shall be back in good time.