View Full Version : North Kinsman via Mt. Kinsman & Kinsman Ridge Trails (01-Dec-2007)

12-01-2007, 07:29 PM
Date Hiked: 01-Dec-2007

Conditions: The trails were generally in good shape. Took care of 2 minor blow-downs. Still a few others, but all can be very easily worked around.

As of today, there’s a light skiff of snow & ice up to spur trail to Bald Peak. But beyond that point, the snow and ice are slightly more pronounced. You might be able to bare-boot it all the way to North Kinsman, but we found foot traction to be very helpful beginning about 20 minutes or so before intersecting the Kinsman Ridge Trail. And on the descent, we used foot traction well beyond the intersection of the spur trail to Bald Peak.

Special Required Equipment: Trekking poles and some traction helpful, particularly on the descent, but also quite helpful on the ascent beginning just before intersection of the Mt. Kinsman and Kinsman Ridge Trails.

Comments: Zman and I had a great trek and it turned out to be a fabulous day in the Whites. It was predicted that wind chills on the higher summits would be well into the negative numbers for today. However, we were quite comfortable for the entire trek and experienced winds that were very mild-mannered.

The views were not the greatest today, but at least there were some!! Below is a link to two shots taken from the summit, plus a shot taken on the way home. The shots taken from the summit are not in black & white folks!! What you see is what we got!! Although the calendar says it's autumn, not surprisingly, it is winter on the higher peaks!!